The Skills, Mentality, & Faith Needed to be Great in Sales

The first step of your journey in growing your skillsets for sales starts now!

Jon Alwinson

“Your brand is your promise. You have to deliver every day.”

What People are Saying

“Most sales books center around technique (which can be helpful), but Relentless Sales focused more on preparation and attitude, which are the two most important foundations for success. I also feel that every employee is in sales to some extent because what they do impacts the client. Therefore, I highly recommend Relentless Sales to not only the sales professionals in the company, but to EVERY employee.”

John Riley, CEO, Legacy Fund

“The skill sets presented in Relentless Sales, combined with mentality, faith and holistic approach offered in this book, can help you build a foundation for an immensely successful career.”

Pat williams, former gm of the orlando magic, basketball hall of fame, author

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  • What others are saying

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